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is a photodocumentation of the homelessness  in Phoenix, AZ. 


Homelessness is a crisis for one human. 

The word “crisis” fails miserably to describe the extent & severity of homelessness for the thousands of Valley residents, estimated at last count - a severe undercount - at over 7,000. 

Poverty & homelessness within the United States are still widely demonized, stereotyped, & portrayed as moral failings limited to an individual. 

Most Americans know that there is a significant “homelessness problem.”  This “problem”, however, is typically pawned off, pushed aside for large, amorphous organizations/institutions to deal with. 


80% of Americans, however, live paycheck-to-paycheck.  This was before the Covid 19 pandemic hit. The vast majority of Americans are consequently

1 job loss,

1 illness,

1 injury,

1 crisis, &

1 very short step away from homelessness themselves…myself very much included. 


The direct assistance/mutual aid provided by individuals & small groups to those experiencing homelessness/near-homelessness is consequently critical, & becoming even more so as economic inequality & insecurity continue to skyrocket.

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